About reaching the right customers with your ads

Considering your customers' preferences, habits and traits can help you choose the right settings for your campaign.

This article goes over what you should consider to help you create ads that reach the right customers.

Before you begin

Know what customers you’re trying to reach and make sure that you understand your campaign settings so you can build a campaign to meet your goals.

Things to consider about your customers' preferences and behaviour
  • Words and phrases they use to search online: If you run a furniture store, think about the keywords that your potential customers might use to search for furniture. Would they use general search terms like “furniture” or “furniture store”? It's more likely that a customer would use more specific terms based on what they’re looking for, such as “buy sectional sofa” or “dining room chairs”. These words and phrases can help you determine the keywords to trigger your ads to display in search results.
  • Understanding your customers: Customer Locations

    Geographical location: Think about where your potential customers are. If you only offer furniture delivery to customers in your city, then you should limit your campaign’s location targeting to your city so that only potential customers in your city will see your ad. This helps to ensure that you only pay for clicks on your ads from people who live in your delivery area and can purchase your furniture.
  • Understanding your customers: How customers can connect

    How they contact you: Consider how you want your customers to get in touch with you. If you want them to come to your shop in person, then you can highlight location information in your ads. Or maybe you’d like them to call you or fill in a contact form online. You can add these and other options to your ad with ad extensions.

About setting a campaign budget

Once you understand who your customers are, think about how much you want to spend to reach them with your ads and what results you're expecting for your campaign to be a success.

Google Ads lets you set an average daily budget for each campaign based on your advertising goals and the general amount that you're comfortable spending each day. Get tips on setting a campaign budget.

Not sure what you’ll be charged for? Find out how Google Ads calculates costs.

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