Create a Display Network app engagement campaign

This article explains how to create a "Display Network only - Mobile app engagement" campaign. These campaigns let you show ads to people who already have your app while they're browsing the Google Display Network on mobile devices, and within other apps.

Before you begin

Display Network app engagement campaigns require remarketing lists to show ads to users of iOS apps. For Android apps, and you can make finding your existing app users even easier by linking to your Google Play Developer Console.

How to create your campaign

  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account at
  2. On the "Campaigns" tab, click the + Campaign drop-down menu, and select Display Network only.
  3. Leave the "Marketing objective" radio button selected and check "Engage with your mobile app."
  4. Select the app you’d like to promote from the drop-down menu, or click “Add a new app...” to enter a new one.
  5. In the "Devices" section, select the mobile operating systems, devices and network connections where you’d like your ad to show.
  6. Your "Bid Strategy" will be "Focus on clicks" i.e. cost-per-click.


    All "Mobile app engagement" campaigns will default to CPC bids. Later, once your campaign has accrued a number of conversions, you can change your bid strategy to "Focus on conversions" to let Google automatically adjust your cost per click to reach a target cost per action.

  7. Enter your budget and select any other settings you'd like for your campaign.
  8. If needed, update any location or language settings. Click Save and continue.

Create a new ad group

  1. On the ad group page, enter the name of the ad group and your default bid. This should be about how much you value the action you'll be asking users to take from your ads. 
  2. Your ad group will be targeted to users who have your app. To refine your audience further, you can add additional targeting. 
  3. To use the remarketing lists you created in the Shared Library, click the “Remarketing lists” tab. Click the arrows to target those lists.
  4. Click Save and continue.

Make your app engagement ads

  1. Choose your ad template. You can choose a standard app engagement ad, that will show your app icon, description and "OPEN" button. Or you can upload custom images to create an image app install ad. 
  2. Write your ad headline and description. Your call-to-action should reflect the action you'd like your users to take in your app. Ex. "BOOK NOW" for a hotel app. 
  3. Your "Direct link" is the deep link into your app. Learn more about deep links
  4. If your app is formatted for smaller screens, check the box for "Exclude tablets" under "Device Preferences".
  5. Click Save ads.
  6. To count in-app actions as conversion, click Yes, set up conversion tracking. Otherwise, click Finish
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