Set up Maximise clicks for Shopping campaigns

If you want to get the most clicks for your budget, use the automated Maximise Clicks bid strategy for your Shopping campaign. You set a budget, and Google Ads does the rest.

This article explains how to set up the Maximise Clicks for your Shopping campaign.

Before you begin

If you're not sure which automated bid strategy to use with your Shopping campaign, first find out about automated bidding for Shopping campaigns.


Step 1: Set up a "maximise clicks" bid strategy in your account


  1. Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  2. Click the three dot menu in the upper right hand corner.
  3. In the Shared library section, click Portfolio bid strategies.
  4. To create a bid strategy, click the + button, and select the Maximise Clicks bid strategy. Configure your bid strategy based on the options available for "maximise clicks"

Step 2: Apply the bid strategy to your campaign

Find out how to apply the bid strategy to your campaign.


Tip: Adjusting Maximise Clicks for mobile devices

When Maximise Clicks raises and lowers your bids, it doesn’t take into account differences between clicks from mobile devices and clicks from desktop or tablet devices. Since the conversion rate for mobile devices is often different from that for desktop and tablet devices, you might want to set a mobile bid adjustment to gain better control over when your ads appear on mobile. "maximise clicks" will incorporate your mobile bid adjustment along with its own bid adjustments. Learn more about setting mobile bid adjustments.

Tip: Setting maximum bids

Maximise Clicks will automatically adjust your bids to deliver the maximum clicks for your budget. You can ensure that you never pay more than what you are comfortable with for a click by setting a CPC bid limit. Note that if your CPC bid limits are too low, your bid strategy might not be able to help you achieve your goal. Learn more about setting CPC bid limits.

Monitor performance

Once you apply the "maximise clicks" bid strategy to your campaign, you can start to monitor the bid strategy's performance. Here are some tips for monitoring performance:

  • Look at the number of clicks to verify that you’re getting more clicks for your budget than before. Note, however, that a before-and-after comparison isn't the most accurate since clicks can naturally fluctuate over time.
  • Make sure that you have enough data to evaluate the strategy’s performance. Ideally, you'd give the strategy a few days or weeks to start performing.
  • Consider that a number of factors may affect your results over a period of time. For example, the number of clicks that you can get with your budget can be affected by holidays, weekends, special events, changes to your product data and your competitors in the auction.
  • Consider your click share. If your click share is very high, then you may be getting all the possible traffic and the "maximise clicks" bid strategy might not bring you significantly more traffic.
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