Drive more calls to your business

Set up your call ads for success

When setting up your call ads, make it easy and enticing for customers to call you.

Write ad text that showcases your company's value and drives users to call

Before we get into the specifics about crafting a great experience for callers, it’s important to get people to dial in the first place. Give your users a compelling reason to call you. Use a clear call to action in your ad text to let users know what they should do. If calls are highly valuable to you, you can reinforce it as a call-to-action in the ad text itself.

Call ads are focused on getting someone to call you. Take full advantage of your ad characters to communicate what your business offers. Share unique selling points. Include relevant details about the products or services you offer. You can also add more relevant details to your call ads by adding callout, location, or structured snippet assets.


Take advantage of the optional "Visit website" link in your call ad to generate better qualified calls from users who've visited your site. By tapping on the "Visit website" link in your ad, people will be taken directly to your site while taps on the headline will lead to a call. This means fewer accidental calls, and more qualified leads.

Schedule ads that drive calls when you have someone there to answer

Generating a call is only half of the process - you need to be able to answer that call in a satisfying way. Remember to enable ad scheduling for call ads, or scheduling for call assets, to drive calls when you have someone there to actually answer the phone. Don’t waste your money and your users’ time by generating a call you can’t accept.

Remember to factor in time zones as you enable that schedule. Your account’s time zone may not line up entirely with your customers’ time zones.


Focus on delivering a delightful experience to your callers. Consider increasing customer loyalty by sending a follow up message after the call. You could also offer existing customers special deals and promotions.

Use insights from call reporting to make more informed decisions about scheduling staff to answer those calls

Everyone knows the frustration of being put on hold, so minimize that feeling for your customers. You’ve scheduled your hours appropriately, so go the next step and ensure that you have the right staff in place to answer those calls.

Case Study

3 Day Blinds has grown its call center to be open 24/7 and implemented a specialized routing process for calls driven by search ads, which account for 50% of its total appointments. Their director of marketing says that Google Ads “drives higher-quality consumers because they are intent-driven consumers. These calls specifically go into a priority one queue that makes sure they get to a representative immediately.”

Seeing your call lengths and frequencies can help inform how you schedule the people that answer your calls (this applies to calls from Google Ads along with any other calls that you may be tracking). Understand when your peak call times are and where your customers are located during those peak times, then adjust your staffing accordingly. Be sure that you’re at full capacity during the moments that matter.

Something else to consider is someone’s context when they’re calling you. Think about just how distinct your product lines and offerings are. If the same employee can answer questions about everything you offer, then one phone number can work quite well.

On the other hand, if your product lines are completely separate and have different support teams, you might want to implement unique phone numbers for those customers. Separate numbers could provide you with better backend call data, and also give your staff confidence that when they answer the phone they’ll have the appropriate context for a user’s call.  


Consider surveying your callers after they end a conversation with your staff to identify new ways you can  improve the overall call experience.

Case Study

Reservation Counter, a hotel booking provider, takes advantage of insights from Google Ads to deliver better customer service. "The ability to understand what people are searching for before they call us is significant," says Scott Jensen, SVP of marketing. According to Jensen, if callers search on generic, research-oriented terms like "las vegas hotel deals," the company will provide more guidance around hotel options and emphasize its large inventory and lowest price guarantee. But, if someone searches for a specific type of hotel, they're closer to booking so Reservation Counter's representatives will be more sales-focused by highlighting its biggest promotions.


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