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Best practices for local marketing with Google Ads.


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A customer’s interaction with your business can start online and then finish in your local store. Here are some tips to help you enhance your online ads and optimize them to drive more store visits and sales.

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Step 1: Build your digital storefront

Set up a Business Profile to manage the online presence of your physical locations across Google Search and Maps.

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 Step 2: Deliver compelling ad creative

Use location-based messaging, quantified promotions, short videos, and clear images.

Star iconSpecific offers like “15% off” or “Buy one get one free” could help entice users to visit your stores.

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 Step 3: Use the right tools

Smart Bidding, Performance Max, and Local inventory ads can all help you reach your goals.

Success story

While digital is becoming increasingly important for IKEA, warehouses still account for the vast majority of total sales. In order to optimize for omnichannel sales, IKEA Belgium implemented Smart Bidding for store visits. The furniture retailer was able to attribute a 361% increase in revenue year over year coming from their Search and Shopping campaigns.

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 Step 4: Measure the offline value of your online ads

Tools including store visits conversions, local actions, and store sales measurement can help you understand the impact of your ads.

Bar chartGoogle offers a variety of ways to measure the impact that your online ads have on your physical store.

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