Reach valuable customers with RLSA, Customer Match & similar audiences

Strengthen audience-based campaigns with other Google Ads tools

Audience lists are one lever amongst many that can improve your Google Ads campaigns. If you couple audiences with other tools within your campaigns you can see performance improve even more.

Take advantage of automated bidding with audience lists.

The most straightforward (and perhaps most powerful) way to work with audience lists is to update your bid. And the recommended way to set your bids in Google Ads is to use one of our Smart Bidding strategies. Smart Bidding considers audience list factors when setting auction-time bids. All that you need to do is create your audience lists and apply them to a campaign that is using Smart Bidding.

Smart Bidding uses machine learning to set the right bids for each auction. You can save time while setting ideal bids for your audiences.

Couple audience lists with Dynamic Search Ads.

Dynamic Search Ads feature custom-tailored headlines and landing pages that help you reach customers as they search - all without you needing to stay on top of a detailed keyword list. It’s a powerful feature that grows even more powerful if you know which set of users it’s reaching.

Case Study

As a supplier of maintenance, repair and operating products, Grainger’s product inventory of more than one million items grows daily. Because of this, it was a challenge finding an efficient way to manage keyword lists and ad copy for such a vast and dynamic product catalog. Combining Dynamic Search Ads and remarketing lists for search ads helped Grainger increase conversions nearly 1,000%.

Automation can create easy-to-manage campaigns that also tend to perform well. Audiences can be used with both DSA and Smart Bidding for automated targeting and bidding that reaches the people you care about the most.


Use similar audiences, Customer Match and remarketing lists for search and Shopping ads to connect with new and previous customers. By understanding your audience, then coupling that with intent, you can supercharge your search and Shopping campaigns.

Audience lists contain valuable insight, and you can customize your strategy based on that insight. Ensure that you reach the most qualified users, often with tailored messaging, through a commitment to similar audiences, Customer Match and RLSA.


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