See viewable impressions for your vCPM campaign

If you'd like to pay only for ads that potential customers can see, you can do so with viewable cost-per-thousand impressions (viewable CPM or vCPM). The viewable CPM bid strategy optimises your bids to favour ad slots that are more likely to become viewable. If you're interested in maximising ad views, rather than clicks, this bidding strategy can help you to achieve this goal better than other kinds of bid strategies.

In this article, you’ll find guidelines for using viewable CPM with your campaigns. You’ll also learn how to see the viewable impressions for ads in these campaigns.

How it works

With viewable CPM, you bid on 1,000 viewable impressions and pay for impressions that are measured as viewable. An ad is counted as 'viewable' when 50 percent of your ad shows on screen for one second or longer for Display ads and two seconds or longer for Video ads. Viewable CPM lets you bid on the actual value of your ad appearing in a viewable position on a given placement. Learn more about viewable CPM.

Generally, to keep your costs and traffic at the same level as a CPM campaign, your bid for your viewable CPM might need to be higher than your bid for a standard CPM campaign; however, you should experiment with a bid that works for your campaign goals.

The viewable CPM bid strategy is only available for Display Network campaigns. If you create a campaign that uses this bid strategy and create ads that aren't compatible, your ads won’t run.


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The number of viewable impressions is shown in your campaign reporting. To see how many viewable impressions your ad received in a cost-per-thousand viewable impressions campaign, follow the steps below.

  1. On the Campaigns, Ad groups, Ads or Display Network tab, click the Columns drop-down menu right above the statistics table.
  2. To add a pre-defined set of Viewable CPM columns, select Branding.
  3. To add specific Active View metrics, select "Modify columns" and click the Performance (Active View) metrics group. Click Add next to each column that you wish to see in your reporting. 
  4. When you go back to your table, you'll see these columns:
    • Viewable impr.: Shows the number of viewable impressions
    • Viewable CTR: Shows how often people clicked your ad after it became viewable
    • Avg. viewable CPM: Shows the average cost for 1,000 viewable impressions
    • Measurable impr.: Shows the number of impressions that were able to be measured; not all impressions that are served are able to be measured
    • Measurable cost: Shows the total cost of impressions that were able to be measured
    • Measurable rate: Shows the rate of impressions that were able to be measured over all impressions served
    • Viewable rate: Shows the rate of impressions that became viewable over impressions that were able to be measured


Your ad group default bid is shown in the Max. CPM column next to a "(viewable)" label. This can help you to identify your viewable CPM bids more quickly in your statistics table.

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