Language Targeting

About Language Preferences

Your ads are targeted to reach a certain audience, based on your chosen language targeting options. With this information, Google Ads works to ensure that your ad appears to your chosen audience.

The language preference set on the YouTube homepage determines in which language a user prefers to view YouTube. In addition, other signals such as the user’s browser language, location, and viewing history are also used to determine which languages the user is familiar with. Based on these, YouTube will display ads that are targeted to these languages.

For example, users who choose Spanish as their language preference will see ads targeted to Spanish speakers. However if an English speaking user is located in Spain and doesn't specify a language preference, then they will still see ads targeted to Spanish speakers based on their location.

Targeting by Language

Language targeting lets you reach an audience that speaks one or multiple languages, allowing you to reach your users even if they're physically located in non-native areas.

We recommend that you target the language in which your ad is written. If you are running an In-Stream ad or Promoted Video ad, we recommend targeting the language in which your video is produced. For example, if your ad is written in English, target English-speaking users. Similarly, if your video contains Spanish dialogue, target Spanish-speaking users. Remember that Google won't translate your ad for you.

If you wish to target more than one language or location, it's important to organize your campaigns and ad groups in a way that supports this strategy. Consider organizing and naming your campaigns by country (such as "Spain") and your ad groups within each campaign by product lines (such as "coffee products" and "tea products"). Then, tailor your keywords and ads to the intended audience. Make sure that your keyword list and ads for each ad group is in one language. This ensures that the ad appears in the same language in which the keyword was entered. For example, if a user enters a keyword in Spanish, the ad will appear in Spanish, regardless of what language preferences the user has selected. Learn more about changing your language targeting.

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