About reach estimates for the Display Network

Reach estimates show how widely your ads may be seen based on the settings and targeting that you’ve selected. Viewing these weekly estimates can help you understand the potential impact of your targeting and settings choices. This article explains how ad reach works and where you can find it.

How it works

The estimates you see don't represent the actual traffic your ads will get. Instead, they are estimates based on your settings and targeting options. You might choose, for example, a specific location or target demographic for your ad group. This choice will affect your potential reach. Reach estimates can also show you when there isn't enough inventory for your selection, or if your targeting is too restrictive (for example, if you've added too many targeting methods to your ad group). You can use reach estimates to adjust your settings and targeting. For instance, you can remove content targeting if your reach is too narrow. Your actual number of impressions also depends on other factors like your bid and ad quality.

Where it appears

The new Google Ads experience is now the exclusive way for most users to manage their accounts. If you're still using the previous AdWords experience, choose Previous below. Learn more

On "Search Network with Display Select – All features," and existing "Display Network only" campaigns, you can see reach estimates by going to the Display Network tab and clicking the + Targeting button.


Reach estimates don't take into account certain advertiser information, like your budget, bid, or Quality Score. Below you can find more details about what information AdWords uses to provide reach estimates.

Information AdWords uses to calculate potential reach Information AdWords doesn't use to calculate potential reach
  • location
  • language
  • OS
  • devices
  • Ad scheduling
  • keywords
  • site category options
  • placements
  • mobile app categories
  • topics
  • audiences (remarketing, interest categories, custom combinations, age and gender)
  • budget
  • bid
  • Quality Score
  • ad formats and sizes
  • ad extensions
  • advanced location targeting by radius

Estimates are based on historical information. They don't reflect seasonal trends or recent shifts in the number of sites and pages available on the Display Network.

Troubleshooting Display campaigns

If your Display campaign is inactive or underperforming, there may be something wrong with how it’s set up.

Users of the new Google Ads experience, you will automatically receive account status alerts depending on the issue. Learn more on how to Fix issues with Display campaigns.

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