Show your Display Network ad on YouTube

If you'd like your ads to benefit from the hundreds of millions of views on YouTube, we can help. This article shows you how to use placements to target your Display Network ads to appear on specific YouTube videos, channels, or all of YouTube. You can also exclude your ads from appearing with certain video content.


If you're interested in using video ad formats designed for reaching viewers on YouTube plus the greater Display Network, learn about creating a Video campaign.


The new Google Ads experience is now the exclusive way for most users to manage their accounts. Note, automatic targeting is only available in the new Google Ads experience.

Target YouTube with managed placements

To add YouTube as a managed placement in a Display Network campaign:

  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Click the Campaigns tab at the top. Campaigns tab
  3. Go to your Display Network tab and click + Targeting, which is located above the graph.
  4. Select an ad group.
  5. Click the "Add targeting" drop-down menu and select "Placements."
  6. Type in the text box. Click Search and then the double arrows » to add this placement.
    • To add a specific YouTube video or channel, click + Multiple placements at the bottom of the box and enter the URL of the video or channel. Click Add.
  7. Click Close and then Save.

Exclude certain video content from a YouTube-targeted campaign

You can use YouTube video and channel exclusions to control where and when your ads appear by enabling not only the exclusion of channel pages but also of individual videos.

You can also use site category options to exclude ads from certain types of content, such as sensitive topics or content for mature audiences. Learn more about using site category options


  • We recommend that you use exclusions reactively. It's useful if you're trying to optimize a campaign by excluding certain video or channel content that doesn't convert well for you. This feature can also be used to ensure your ads appear with brand-appropriate content.
  • This feature is available in all countries wherever advertisers can serve ads on YouTube. However, you'll need to set up your campaigns by country.
Add exclusions to a new campaign
  1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
  2. Click the Campaigns tab at the top. Campaigns tab
  3. Go to your Display Network tab and click + Targeting, which is located above the graph.
  4. Click either the "Add ad group exclusions" or "Add campaign exclusions" drop-down menu and select "Placements."
  5. Type a placement in the box, entering just one placement per line. You can exclude up to 10,000 placements per campaign.
    • Videos: Enter the URL or use the format[VIDEO ID]. For example: where 12345abcdefgHIJ is the ID of the video. You can find the ID of the video by looking at the URL of the actual video while watching it on YouTube: (The video ID is the long alpha-numeric code within the Watch page URL after "v=".)
    • Channel pages: Enter the URL of the channel. For example:
  6. Click Close and then Save.
Add exclusions to an existing campaign while reviewing a campaign URL Report
  1. Click the Campaigns tab, then select the specific campaign where you'd like to exclude YouTube placements from the navigation menu.
  2. Go to your Display Network tab and select the Placements tab above the graph to see the performance of these placements for your campaign.
  3. Click See details, and then click All.
  4. Identify the placements (URLs) you'd like to exclude.
    • Videos: These will appear as[VIDEO ID]. 
    • Channel pages: These will appear as[UserName].
  5. Select the relevant placements to exclude and click Exclude placements above the table.
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