Exclude pages about a specific topic

Just as you can target pages in the Google Display Network about certain subjects – like cars or music – you can also exclude by topic to keep your ads off webpages whose themes aren't relevant to your customers.

This article explains how to exclude topics to not display your ads on specific webpages.

Reasons to exclude topics

  • Avoid showing your ads on pages that aren't relevant to your business.
  • Continue to target broad themes while filtering out subtopics and niche areas.
  • Spend your advertising budget effectively, excluding topics that show a low return.


A travel agency has an ad group that features ads about various types of tours. They decide to target the topic Travel which has lots of relevant sub-topics like Adventure Travel and Regional Parks & Gardens, but exclude sub-topics that are less relevant to their offerings like Air Travel.


The new Google Ads experience is now the exclusive way for most users to manage their accounts. Note, automatic targeting is only available in the new Google Ads experience.

How to exclude topics

To exclude pages about a specific topic, follow these steps:

  1. In the navigation panel, select the Display campaign with the topic you want to exclude.
  2. Click Topics in the page menu.
  3. Click the “Exclusions” tab, and then click the plus button .
  4. Select the topics you'd like to exclude by selecting the checkboxes to the left of each one.
  5. Click Save.

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