Fix a campaign limited by budget

Your ad isn't showing as often as possible because your campaign's average daily budget is too low. To improve your performance and avoid depleting your budget too quickly at the start of the day, we only show your ad occasionally throughout the day. If you increase your budget, it could appear more often.


You can change how your ads show based on your advertising goal.

If you want to show more ads

If you're happy with the way your ads are being spaced out throughout the day, but you want your ad to show more often, you can use one of these suggestions:

  • Increase your average daily budget. Increasing your average daily budget is the easiest way to increase how often your ads can run. Learn how to Set a budget for your campaign.
  • Improve your Quality Score. By improving the quality of your ad, keywords, and campaign, you can lower the cost of showing your ad. With a lower cost, you can then show more ads for the same average daily budget. Learn how to Check and understand Quality Score.

If you want to change when your ads show

If you don’t want to spend more on your ads, but you want your ads to show at different times of the day, you can use one of these suggestions:

  • Have your ads show as soon as possible. In your campaign settings, you can choose to have your ads show on search terms as they become eligible – rather than spaced out throughout the day. This is known as accelerated delivery. Learn how to Use ad delivery to set the pace of your ads.
  • Have your ads show at specific times. If you want your ads to show at a specific time of day – say, 3 p.m. – you can use the Ad schedule to schedule certain ads at certain times. Learn more About custom ad scheduling.

You'll need to allow a few hours for any changes to your campaign settings or budget to take effect. During this time, your ads might not show as usual and your ad status might not change.

If you have trouble

You can always contact an AdWords representative for help.

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