About image assets for Performance Max campaigns

When you build your asset group, add quality, relevant images that complement your ads and help visually describe your business. Image assets include your logos and other images to help attract people to your business and personalize your ads. You can even use the image assets you create on search campaigns with your Performance Max campaigns.

Image specifications

Make sure you review the guidelines below before creating your image asset to avoid disapprovals. Images must also meet image asset format requirements. Images go through quality and policy checks before being eligible to serve. You can read more About the ad review process.

In addition to the requirements listed in the table below, all image assets must meet the following requirements:

  • Saved as a JPG or PNG file
  • Maximum file size of 5 MB
  • Content needs to be in the center 80% of the image (the safe area that won’t be cut off despite device screen size)

Images asset requirements

  Type Minimum Requirement Recommended Maximum



1 image

4 images

1200 x 628 pixels
(min 600 x 314 pixels)

20 images



1 image

4 images

1200 x 1200 pixels
(min 300 x 300 pixels)

20 images

Portrait image


2 images

960 x 1200 pixels
(min 480 x 600 pixels)

20 images

Landscape logo*


1 image

1200 x 300 pixels
(min 512 x 128 pixels)

5 images

*Logos with a transparent background may be rendered on a white background when served in most ads. For this reason, we recommend you upload logos as a square image and to avoid a predominantly white logo on a transparent background.

You can use images with overlays, but it's recommended to use at least one image without overlays for each aspect ratio (square, landscape, and portrait). Here are some examples:

Images without text or graphic overlays

Images with text or graphic overlays

Text or graphic overlay, example of what is allowed

Text or graphic overlay, example of what is not allowed

Text or graphic overlay, example of what is not allowed

Logo overlay, example of what is allowed logo overlay, example of what is not allowed

After you upload your assets, be sure to monitor how they’re performing. Wait about 2-3 weeks to check on your Ad strength and Asset group status, then evaluate if you need to replace low-performing assets. Learn more about Asset group best practices.

Note: By creating image assets, you are confirming that you own all legal rights to the image and have permission to share the image with Google to use on your behalf for advertising or other commercial purposes.

Image asset best practices

Along with a focus on quality and specifications, you should experiment with the types of content you use in your ads and how they showcase your message. Here are a few of our best practices for image assets:

  • Use both image assets and dynamic image assets.
  • Add 4 or more unique images at the Ad Group level.
  • Square images are required for ads, but be sure to use images with varying aspect ratios in your ads.
  • Make sure to add images relevant to the queries and ads they’ll be shown with.
  • Use your images to convey your unique selling feature.

Learn more about best practices for image assets.

Asset report

The asset report lists each asset used in a Performance Max campaign and allows you to compare performance across a variety of assets. You’ll need to set up a Performance Max campaign to view your asset report. Learn more About asset reporting in Performance Max.

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