About text assets for Performance Max campaigns

Text assets combine headlines, long headlines, a final URL, descriptions, display URLs, business names, and a call to action in unique variations to help you reach your campaign goals. You can build an asset group with text assets to share information about your product or service, direct people to your landing page, encourage a specific call-to-action, and more.

Text asset specifications

  Type Minimum Requirement Recommended Maximum
Headlines 3 headlines 11 headlines 15 headlines, 30 characters each

Long headline 1 headline 2 headlines 5 headlines, 90 characters each

Descriptions 3 descriptions 4 descriptions 5 descriptions, 90 characters each

Business name

1 name

1 name

1 name, 25 characters

Call to action

1 call to action

1 call to action

Length is automated

Final URL

Not required 1 URL

2,048 characters

This icon represents the Display URL path specification for text assets for Performance Max.

Display URL path

2 URLs


2 URLS, 15 characters each

Note: If Final URL expansion is on, Google may replace your Final URL with a more relevant landing page based on the user's search query, and generate a dynamic headline, description, and additional assets to match your landing page content. Learn more About automatically created assets.

After you upload your assets, be sure to monitor how they’re performing. Wait about 2-3 weeks to check on your Ad strength and Asset group status, then evaluate if you need to replace low-performing assets. Learn more about Asset group best practices.

Asset report

The asset report lists each asset used in a Performance Max campaign and allows you to compare performance across a variety of assets. You’ll need to set up a Performance Max campaign to view your asset report. Learn more About asset reporting in Performance Max.

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