When does my qualification exam expire?

To maintain Qualified Individual status, you must have at least one valid (non-expired) exam associated with your My Client Center account. To maintain Qualified Company status, a company must have at least two valid exam passes associated with the Google Advertising Professionals program Company account.

You can view your exam status on your Google Advertising Professionals program Company homepage to see whether your exam status is valid (still qualifies for the program), is in grace period, soon to expire or already expired.

If your exam status has expired and you have no other valid exams, you will need to re-take and pass the exam and fulfill the other program requirements to regain Qualified status at the Individual or Company levels.

If your qualification lapses, you will no longer be able to promote your status as a Qualified member of the Google Advertising Professionals program and may not display the program logo on your web site or other materials. Read our FAQ to learn more about how to re-qualify if your status lapses.

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