About (newly simplified) display campaigns

Display campaigns serve ads that reach audiences who are viewing content across YouTube, Gmail and the Google Display Network, which includes millions of websites and apps. Display campaigns provide flexibility, steering and smart settings with Google's AI that helps improve campaign performance. You can use any combination of both manual settings and AI capabilities built on Google’s advanced machine learning for bidding, creatives and targeting.

When you create a new display campaign, the default settings and suggestions include AI capabilities that help improve campaign performance:

  • Bidding: Smart Bidding strategies will be recommended to you based on your advertising goals. You can, however, choose not to use the suggested bidding strategies, and can manually select your bidding strategies.
  • Creatives: By default, your display ads are responsive (unless you’re using uploaded display ads). That means that you can upload different assets into Google Ads, and Google’s AI model will determine the optimal combination of assets as well as the optimal size, appearance and format of assets to fit available ad spaces with an ad format that is most likely to perform well.
  • Targeting: Optimised targeting uses information such as keywords on your landing page to help you reach new and relevant audiences that are likely to convert. Optimised targeting is set as the default targeting method for your Display campaigns. If you prefer not to use optimised targeting, you can select a different form of targeting.

Recent updates to Display campaigns

  • To simplify campaign creation and management, Smart Display campaign features were made available within all Display campaigns.

Upcoming changes (as of 1 August 2022)

  • If you have an active, paused or removed Smart Display campaign, we'll migrate it to a Display campaign and keep your settings intact.
  • Display campaigns will be the only Display campaign type. Your migrated Smart Display campaigns will become Display campaigns.
  • What do you need to do? Nothing. Any Smart Display campaigns in your account will migrate without any action needed on your end. The migration won't cause any fluctuations with your campaign’s performance.

Frequently asked questions

Will the performance of my Smart Display campaign be affected by these updates?

No. All of your campaign’s settings will stay the same, and there'll be no impact to the campaign’s performance.

What settings should I use to replicate Smart Display campaigns?

To replicate Smart Display campaigns, you can use the recommended defaults for a new campaign. This will include using the Smart Bidding strategy that works best for your needs, using optimised targeting, and using responsive display ads.

What happens to my old Smart Display campaign?

If you have an active, paused or removed Smart Display campaign, we'll migrate it to a Display campaign and keep your settings intact.

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