About Promotion of local products

Local campaigns will be automatically upgraded to Performance Max starting in August. Upgrade Local campaigns yourself in the coming months using the new, one-click tool to unlock additional inventory and formats that reach new customers. Learn more.

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Promotion of local products is a feature that helps you to promote products at your physical locations (such as retail stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and auto dealerships). To use this feature, you’ll need to create a Local campaign and connect either a business data feed or a local inventory ads feed using Google Merchant Center. Learn more About Local campaigns.

Promotion of local products in Local campaigns can help you show in-store offerings to users near your location. These ads can be used to highlight product-specific details to encourage users to visit your location. If you have offline media or printed ads, Local product promotions can help expand your advertising online

Before you begin

Once you’ve set up your product feed, you can create a local campaign to showcase your products. If you’re having issues setting up your local product feed, read Troubleshoot issues with the promotion of local products.

Certain products, such as those sold through monthly payments or subscriptions are not aren’t supported by promotion of local products. Learn more about the eligibility requirements.

Promotion of local products

With this feature you can promote your products across Search, YouTube, Display, and Gmail. When creating your Local product promotion ads, you can include your brand logo, a headline, a hero image and a weekly product focus to show which products are currently available in your location. See below for examples of ads to promote your local products.

Google Display Network

  Animated gif highlighting the promotion of local products on the Google Display Network. This ad shows an example coffee shop that has various items for sale.  

Promotion of local products helps optimize where your ads show to get your stores and products the most attention. Note: Promotion of local products using a local inventory feed will be able to show on the Google Display Network only.


  A skippable local services ad playing on YouTube, including items offered  

Using promotion of local products you can show your ads on YouTube where they're most likely to engage potential in-store customers. This format is available only for product feeds set up using Business data.

Business Profile Page

  Ad example of a local clothing boutique using the business data feed.  

Promotion of local products will help you utilize the Business Profile page to highlight special in-store offers and products to customers as well as location attributes to entice users to visit. This format is available only for product feeds set up using Business data.

Note: Promotion local products is not currently supported on Business Profile Page in CH (Switzerland) | EEA (European Economic Area) | UK (United Kingdom)


  An example ad portraying the promotion of local products on Gmail.  

Using promotion of local products you can showcase ads on Gmail to drive store visits. This format is only available for products uploaded through business data feeds.

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