Measure performance

Unlock a variety of insights with Discovery campaigns reporting tools to help you drive better results for your business.


  • Review audience-level reports.

Why: Once you’ve applied audience segments to your campaign, you can see which of those audiences perform best. By reviewing audience insights, you can develop creatives that speak to your best performing audiences to further improve your performance.


If you’re a flower shop owner and your audience reports show your best-performing audience segment to be 18- to 35-year-olds interested in white roses, for example, consider developing creative that features someone in this age range happily holding or smelling white roses. 
  • Monitor your asset-level reports.

Why: With asset level reporting you can see which images, headlines and descriptions perform the best. Use these insights to test different combinations of assets in new ads and help you get more clicks and conversions.


Boost your ad performance by using asset-level performance metrics.
  • Regularly check your recommendations.
Why: Recommendations provide custom suggestions on ways to improve your campaign, helping you get more out of them and increasing the overall performance of your ads. Learn more about recommendations.


To ensure that your campaign is set to perform at its full potential, check your optimisation score and learn what you can tweak to improve your campaign performance.



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