Choose the right budget and give your campaigns time to optimize

Like every automated bidding campaign type, Discovery ads optimize your ads and bids over time. For the best results after first set up, allow your campaigns enough time to ramp up and learn what works for your campaign.


  • Choose a daily budget at least 10 times the value of your target cost-per-action (tCPA) bid and wait for at least 40 conversions before making changes to your campaign.

Why: Discovery campaigns take some time to learn before they can drive the best performance. We recommend setting a daily budget that is at least 10x your tCPA and waiting until your campaign receives at least 40 conversions before you make changes. This provides Google’s machine learning technology with enough data to automatically optimize your campaigns. To help shorten the time the system needs to learn and drive conversions, your campaigns may receive more traffic in the first few days and spend up to 2 times your daily budget. Keep this in mind when setting your daily budget.


Select the suggested tCPA shown during campaign construction. If you don’t have a tCPA in mind, or are new to Discovery ads, we recommend you use Maximize Conversions instead. Otherwise, Google suggests a tCPA bid based on your campaign history and current campaign settings. 
  • After making changes to your campaign, wait two to three weeks before making more changes.

Why: Changing bidding strategies or adding new creative assets can cause short-term fluctuations in performance, which is normal as the system gathers the data needed to optimize performance. Avoid making changes based on these initial, temporary fluctuations.



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