Standardizing conversion attribution across all Video campaigns

February 4, 2021

In recent years, Video campaigns have become key ways for advertisers to drive desired conversions on YouTube and Google Video Partners. However, to date the ad event attributed to a conversion has varied by campaign type, making comparison between campaigns difficult.

To understand how video works in the purchase journey, it’s important to have consistent and accurate attribution. To help you more accurately compare the impact of your video ad campaigns across formats, we’re standardizing the conversion attribution across all skippable in-stream and feed video formats measured through Google Ads Conversion Tracking. This is in line with the current conversion attribution for our Action focused video formats, with Clicks and Engaged-views (10s) as the default attribution events. 

Standardizing the conversion attribution will allow you to compare conversion performance between two different campaign types more accurately. An advertiser running a Video action (tCPA) campaign and a Video consideration (CPV) campaign can now compare the conversion attribution performance in the same way.  

However, please note that only certain campaign types will optimize on conversions. Specifically, Video action campaigns, which offer tCPA or Max Conversions bidding, is one of the video campaign types today that optimize for conversions. Other campaign types such as Reach and Consideration will show conversion performance, but optimize for unique reach and TrueViews respectively.

No action is required from advertisers to take advantage of these improvements. Learn more about Engaged-view conversion measurement here.

Posted by Christopher Hong, Product Manager, YouTube Ads

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