Grow your Smart Bidding campaigns with broad match

Broad match keywords pair particularly well with Smart Bidding strategies, including Maximise conversions, Maximise conversion value, Target CPA and Target ROAS. Smart Bidding uses machine learning to optimise for conversions or conversion value in each and every auction – a feature known as 'auction-time bidding'.

When you pair Smart Bidding with broad match, there's no need to segment by match type to boost optimisation. The bidding system sets a bid for each individual auction of each query and bids up or down depending on how well the query is likely to perform. Broad match keywords allow the algorithms to learn faster and find additional auctions that can help you reach your growth objectives.

Easily scale broad match with Google Ads Recommendations

To help your campaigns drive more volume while meeting your performance targets, Google Ads provides a Recommendation to change your keywords to broad match in Smart Bidding campaigns. On average, advertisers that change their keywords to broad match can see ~25% more conversions (in Target CPA campaigns) and ~12% more conversion value (in Target ROAS campaigns) while meeting targets.¹

Eligibility criteria for the Recommendation

  • Campaign is using one of the following Smart Bidding strategies: Maximise conversions, Maximise conversion value, Target CPA or Target ROAS
  • Campaign has active keywords and these keywords aren't used as broad match elsewhere in the campaign
  • Performance estimates indicate a potential increase in conversions from changing suggested keywords to broad match

How the recommendation works

The suggested keywords in the campaign are removed and replaced with broad match versions of the keywords. You can still see historical stats for the removed keywords.

For example, here's a before and after view of active keywords in a sample campaign:

Campaign keywords before Campaign keywords after
'plumber certification' plumber certification
+plumber +education plumber education
'plumber courses' plumber courses

¹ Google internal data, September 2020

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