COVID-19 and managing your Local Services Ads (U.S.)

We understand that given the current circumstances, your business may be facing some challenges. Below are some considerations and resources to help you navigate this situation and stay connected to your customers.

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Considerations for your Local Services Ads profile

Disclaimer: The points below are general considerations. They do not constitute official advice from Google and providers should follow the advice at their own discretion.

Here are a few updates you may want to make to your Local Services Ads profile:

  • Edit your business hours if your hours of operation have shifted. You can edit your business hours within your ad to let your customers know. Learn more in Edit your ad.
  • Confirm or change your business status
    • You can confirm that you are still open and accepting customers. Or you can mark your business as “temporarily closed”. A “temporarily closed” status means your ad may show at the bottom of results without a badge, but you won’t be charged for leads. Your ads will reactivate in full when the situation has passed, at which point you’ll be shown as Google Guaranteed and start getting charged for leads again. We’ll notify you before this happens.
    • You can confirm or change your business status, use the dropdown menu under your business hours.
  • Edit your business bio with specific callouts and service offerings to show customers how you’re responding to the COVID-19 outbreak. For example, you can select that you’re using protective gear or no-contact payments.
  • Adjust your budget or pause any relevant ads, as needed.
  • Enable messaging and booking to give your customers more options to connect with your business. Learn more about booking leads.
  • Use free ad credits, if eligible. As part of Google’s larger commitment to supporting small and medium-sized businesses during COVID-19, you may be eligible to claim free ad credits. Learn more here.

To learn more about how Google is helping small and medium-sized businesses during COVID-19, check out the Google SMB resource hub and Google’s response to COVID-19.

Impact on new Local Services Ads

To become a Google Guaranteed provider, Google will need to run a background check and ensure your business meets local license and insurance requirements.

Please note that the background check process could be delayed due to court closures in your state. Also, we are not currently accepting applications from Locksmith and Garage Door Pros until further notice.

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