GPS support

Depending on your phone's system specifications, the My Location feature uses different methods to determine your approximate location on the map.

  • My Location may be able to acquire your position through an internal GPS connection if available on your phone.
  • You're still able use My Location even if your phone lacks internal GPS.

With many phones, you must check that GPS is enabled on your phone in order to use it within Google Maps. If you've successfully enabled GPS for your device, My Location will show your position to within several meters when a GPS connection is available.

Android-powered devices

Enable GPS on phone: Go from the Home screen to Menu > Settings > Location & security and check 'Use GPS satellites'.

Enable GPS in Maps: When you open Maps, it will search for GPS satellites automatically if you've enabled GPS on your phone. A blinking satellite icon in the Notification Bar indicates Maps is searching for GPS satellites, while a steady icon indicates an active GPS satellite connection.

Blackberry devices

Enable GPS on phone: Go to Options > Advanced Options > GPS and set GPS services to "On".

Enable GPS in Maps: Go to Menu > Help and ensure the checkbox next to 'Enable My Location' is checked. If a GPS satellite connection is available, Google Maps will show your position accuracy to within several meters on the map.

Windows Mobile devices

Enable GPS on phone:

  1. Go to the Start menu.
  2. Select Settings > System GPS.
  3. Check that the Hardware tab has the correct settings for your device.

Enable GPS in Maps: Go to Menu > Options and select 'Use GPS'.

Symbian S60 devices

Enable GPS on phone:

  1. Go to the Menu.
  2. Select Tools > Settings > General.
  3. Scroll through the list and choose Positioning > Positioning Methods.
  4. Ensure that the GPS options are checked.

Enable GPS in Maps: Go to Options > Options and select 'Use GPS'.

Palm webOS devices

Enable GPS on phone: From the Launcher, go to Location Services and turn Auto Locate and Use GPS to "On"

Enable GPS in Maps: If you've enabled your phone's GPS, Google Maps will automatically search for GPS satellites when you open it. If available, the My Location blue dot will show GPS accuracy to within several meters.


  • Certain carriers block third party software from accessing your device's internal GPS. We recommend contacting your mobile provider to confirm the details of use of your device's GPS.
  • External GPS receivers are unsupported for use with Google Maps for mobile at this time.
  • Use of your phone's GPS functionality greatly increases the rate at which your phone's battery is depleted.
  • Your phone needs a clear view of the sky in order to communicate with GPS satellites.