Turn-by-turn Navigation (Beta)

Get turn-by-turn navigation

Get where you want to go quickly and easily using voice-guided navigation. Get turn-by-turn directions whether you're driving, walking, or taking public transit.

  1. Open the Google Maps app Google Maps app logo image.
  2. Get directions to a location.
  3. Touch the Navigation icon to hear voice-guided navigation.

You must have GPS on your device to use Navigation.

To exit navigation, touch "X" in the top right corner of the screen. When you're using Navigation, you can still use your phone and other apps.

Tip: When you exit navigation and lose data connection, if you're still close (less than 3km) to the original route to your destination, you can quickly return to navigation.

  1. Touch inside the search box at the top, or the directions icon directions button image in the bottom right corner.
  2. You'll see a card showing your previous destination. Touch the card to start directions.
  3. Touch the Navigation icon Navigation start icon to hear voice-guided navigation.

Control navigation with your voice

You can use your voice to control Navigation on your Android phone or tablet. When you're navigating somewhere, touch the microphone icon Navigation microphone button icon in the top right corner of the screen, and say what you want Navigation to do. Learn more about voice commands for Navigation.

Start turn-by-turn navigation quickly

Select a place, then touch and hold the transportation icon. This will automatically open voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation and you’ll be ready to go!

Follow your route

In turn-by-turn navigation, the map moves to show your progress along the route. If you move, rotate, tilt, or zoom the map, you can see your progress again by touching Resume at the bottom of the screen.

See directions in a step-by-step list

To see the step-by-step list, touch or pull up the sheet at the bottom of your screen.

To go back to the map view, pull the sheet down towards to the bottom of your screen.

Switch to an alternate route

Alternate routes will be shown in gray on the map. You can select a different route at any time.

  1. When you're in Navigation, touch the alternate route icon in the bottom right corner on your device screen.
  2. Select your preferred alternate route.
  3. Navigation will immediately start for that route.

Tip: You can hear turn-by-turn navigation in a different voice or language.

  1. Go to your device settings.
  2. Change the language for "text-to-speech" output.

If you change this setting, it might impact other apps that talk to you.

Look ahead at directions and route preview

You can look ahead at upcoming turns by swiping the green directions bar at the top to the left. Your upcoming step will appear in green - future steps will appear in grey. To return to your current directions, touch the Resume button.

You can also preview your route by zooming out several times during navigation.

Lane guidance

When you approach an intersection or exit with multiple lanes, Navigation can help. Voice guidance and step-by-step directions suggest which lanes are best for your route.

Note: The Lane Guidance feature is not available in all regions and languages.

Learn how to report a lane guidance issue.

See time to destination

Quickly see the estimated time remaining of your route on the bottom of your screen. The color of the time (either red, yellow, or green) shows you the current traffic conditions of your route. If no traffic data is available, the time to destination will appear in grey.

You can also see the estimated time of arrival and distance to destination at the bottom of your screen.

To change between miles (mi) and kilometers (km):

  1. Open the Google Maps app Google Maps app logo image.
  2. Touch the menu > Settings > Distance units.
  3. Select your preferred unit.

Get directions while using other apps

You can get directions while using other apps. You'll hear voice directions and you can see the next direction by pulling down your notifications drawer.

  1. Touch the top of the screen and pull down. This will show the notifications drawer.
  2. Look for the symbol. Your next direction and other useful info is beside it.

Tip: You can quickly go back to Google Maps by touching the notification.

Battery usage and Navigation

Google Maps Navigation (Beta) requires access to your current location, use of your screen and your audio speaker. This can use up battery life more quickly.

Battery conservation tips

We recommend the use of a power adapter while using Google Maps Navigation, especially when your trip will take 30 minutes or longer.

To conserve your device's battery power, you can turn off the display by pressing the power button on your device. Google Maps Navigation will still track you along your route and provide audio instructions through your device's speaker.

For an older Android device or older version of Google Maps

Get turn-by-turn navigation

You can start Google Maps Navigation from one of the following:

  • Get directions screen: After entering your start and end points and selecting your transportation method, touch the Navigation icon   to launch turn-by-turn guidance for the transportation method you selected (if available). Learn how to get directions.
  • Navigation app shortcut: From your apps menu, touch the Navigation icon to open Navigation (beta) directly.
  • Home screen directions shortcut: Navigate to a specific destination using a custom Navigation shortcut on your device's home screen.
View traffic and route information

There are multiple ways of viewing current road traffic and route information in Google Maps Navigation (Beta):

Traffic layer

Touch the Layers menu icon then choose Traffic View to see the current traffic conditions for the initial steps of your journey, as well as current traffic conditions for nearby roads.

Route & alternates

Touch Menu > Route & alternates to see your entire journey with traffic conditions appearing over the route, as well as traffic on nearby roads.

Note: The current traffic conditions appear as bands of red, yellow and green along your route. Gray areas mean no traffic information is available for that segment of road.

Time to destination

While traveling along your route, Google Maps Navigation will display the estimated time remaining of your route in the lower-left corner of the screen. The colored dot (either red, yellow, or green) corresponds to the current traffic conditions of your route.

You can also press the time to get a look-ahead view of the current traffic conditions of your route. Press it again or press the Back-to-car button to return to tracking mode.

Navigation controls

Use the features below to help you control your route views as you navigate:


Route & alternates Route & alternates

Touch Menu > Route & alternates. This screen shows you an overview of your trip. You can also select an alternate route for your journey from this screen.

If available, the current traffic conditions will appear as bands of red, yellow and green along your route. Gray areas mean no traffic information is available for that segment of road.

Alternate routes Alternate Routes

From the Route & alternates screen, touch the Alternate Routes button to receive alternate options for your trip. If no better options exist, you'll receive a "No Routes Found" message.

If this button is grayed out, this is an indication that no alternate routes are available at the present time.

Back to tracking mode Back to Car

At any time, you can return to tracking mode by touching the Navigation icon. This icon will appear in the lower-left of your screen any time you scroll the map or change views.

Compass Compass

While in tracking mode, touch the compass icon in the upper left of your screen to toggle between a three-dimensional, heading-up tracking mode and a two-dimensional, North-up tracking mode.

Directions list Directions List

Touch the Directions list icon to see a textual list of directions for your route. You can select individual steps or turns in the list to see them on the map

Header controls

Touch the header to show the next step in your route.

Touch the left or right arrows that appear on the sides of the header to scroll through your list of directions while in tracking mode.

Street View

The Street View icon appears while stepping through turns along your route. Touch the icon to enter Street View.

Additionally, Google Maps Navigation (Beta) will display a Street View image of your destination when you arrive.

Voice controls

To adjust the volume of the voice output in Google Maps Navigation (Beta), press the volume control on your device to make it louder or softer.

Note: The volume control setting used by Navigation (Beta) is the same as that used by other media apps, such as Google Music, on your Android device.

Turn off voice output

To turn off voice output:

  • Go to Menu > Turn off voice.
  • Select Menu > Turn on voice to turn it back on.
Navigation notifications

If you leave Google Maps Navigation (Beta) to perform other tasks on your phone without choosing Menu > Exit Navigation, a navigation chevron will appear in the Notification Bar. You can return to Google Maps Navigation (Beta) by selecting this option from the Notifications list.

Note: If the chevron appears blue, Google Maps Navigation (Beta) is still tracking your journey and will provide audio directions when appropriate. If a gray chevron appears, Google Maps Navigation (Beta) is still active, but either the GPS signal or your device's data connection has been lost. Learn More about data connection loss.

Icon What the icon means
Chevron On

Google Maps Navigation (Beta), a data connection, and the device GPS are all active.

Chevron Off

Google Maps Navigation (Beta) is active, GPS is still acquiring OR you don't have an active data connection (meaning active guidance is temporarily suspended).

Search Along Route

With Google Maps Navigation (Beta), searching for a business or a point of interest will show you locations along the route you've calculated. This varies slightly when compared to a traditional search on Google Maps or Google Maps for mobile, which return locations based on proximity to an established point on the map or within the bounds of the visible map on the screen.

To navigate to a search result, touch your preferred result to show the name of the location, and then again to access the Details page. On this screen, press Navigate to recalculate directions from your current location to your search result.

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