Maps history

Maps history, including your places, allows you to see all the places you have interacted with in certain searches made on Google. This includes places that you:

  • Searched*
  • Searched in directions*
  • Rated or reviewed
  • Saved or starred
  • Shared
*Available only if your Web History is turned on. Learn how to manage your Web History (including turning it on and off) for Android or iOS.

To view your Maps history:

  1. Touch the side menu icon
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Maps history

Manage history on your device

You can delete any place listed in your Maps history. To do this:

  1. Navigate to the Maps history page (Side menu > Settings > Maps history).
  2. Touch the X next to the entry you wish to delete, and click Delete in the confirmation window.

Google Maps also stores data, such as shared and saved locations and map tiles, locally on your device. Learn how to clear application data from Google Maps.

Note: If you delete a contact in Google Contacts for Android or iOS, it will not automatically delete searches for the contact in your Maps history.