Latitude has been retired

Google Latitude is no longer available, but here are a few ways to do what you like:

Share your location

Using Google+, you can let people in your circles see where you’re at. And if your friends have shared their location, you’ll see them on the map. Learn how to share your location on the Google+ app.

Using Google Hangouts, you can share your current location with someone through a message. Learn how to share your location on Google Hangouts.

Check-in to places See a history of where you’ve been

You can let your device send your location to Google using Location Reporting. And you can make a history of those locations using Location History. Learn more about Location Reporting and History.

To see your Location History, go to

Note: Location Reporting and History settings are no longer supported on Google Maps for mobile 6.14.4 and below.

What’s gone?

Google Latitude was retired on August 9th, 2013. This includes:

Latitude in all Google products

These Google products are now retired:

  • Google Latitude in Google Maps for Android
  • Latitude for iPhone
  • Latitude API
  • Latitude public badges
  • iGoogle Gadget
  • Latitude website (
Latitude in third party applications

Since the Latitude API is retired, Latitude features will not work in third party applications.

About your data

Applications that use the Latitude API cannot to access your location data, including Location History data, on Google servers. However, these non-Google applications may continue to store data they’ve already accessed. Please contact the developer of these applications for more information.

Latitude Privacy Reminders

We’ve removed the privacy reminder settings and you can no longer get email reminders.


Check-ins have been removed from Google Maps for mobile. Automatic check-ins are also turned off. But don't worry, you can check in and view your past check-ins on Google+.

How does it affect me?

Cannot share your location

You are no longer able to share your location using Latitude.

Not available on Google Maps for Android

Latitude isn’t available in the latest version of Google Maps for mobile.

Cannot download the Latitude app

You can no longer see Latitude for iPhone on the App Store.

Cannot see your friends list

You cannot see or manage your list of friends from Latitude.

Friends cannot see your location

Your friends will cannot see your location in these Google products:

  • Google Maps for mobile on Android
  • Latitude for iPhone
  • Latitude public badges
  • iGoogle Gadget
  • Latitude website (
What happened to your friends list

Friends list

Your Latitude friends list was deleted and you cannot export your friends list.

Location History

As long as you don’t delete your Location History, you can find it in the Location History website.

How your Location History may change

If you only used Location Reporting for Latitude sharing, your Location Reporting will be turned off. Learn how to manage Location Reporting.

If you use Location Reporting and have Location History turned on, your location data will keep being recorded to your Location History.

If you turn off Location Reporting and haven't turned on Location History, your most recent location will eventually be deleted.

Exporting your data from Latitude

Friends list data

You cannot export your friend information out of Latitude.

Location History

To export your Location History data:

  1. Go to the Location History website.
  2. Use the calendar to select the days you want to export.
  3. Click Export to KML.

Note: If you turned off Location Reporting and haven't turned on Location History, your most recent location will eventually be deleted.

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