Access and edit My Places in Google Maps

Note: This article is for Google Maps for mobile versions 6.14.5 and below.

You can see information for places that you've starred or searched for on your phone or computer. In My Places, you'll find your:

  • Offline Maps
  • Starred places (including Home and Work locations)
  • Recently viewed Maps items
  • Directions
  • Search queries
  • Rated Places
  • Maps searches

See your places

  1. Tap the Maps menu (upper left).
  2. Select My Places.
  3. Swipe right and left or tap on the tabs to see the other options.

Note: You can also access some of your My Places data while getting directions; touch the down arrow to the right of the start or end points.

Edit, delete, or see My Places info

For most My Places items touching on the entry shows you that information on the map. You can also long-press on the entry for additional options like editing or deleting. For example, try long-pressing on a recent search item to remove it from your activity history.

Delete your My Places cache

You can also delete your locally stored cache without deleting your My Places. This functionality is available both online and offline. To clear cached My Places data:

  1. Go to Settings > Offline and cache > Clear My Places cache.
  2. Select OK in the confirmation window.
  3. Your My Places will reappear the next time you open My Places with a network connection.

Save or edit your Home and Work locations

  1. Go to the Starred tab in My Places and long press on Home or Work.
  2. You can save locations by tapping on Home or Work.
  3. To edit your locations later, long press on Home or Work to bring up options to edit, delete or view a map of your location.

Note:Your location may be pre-populated if you have confirmed or verified Home or Work locations in Google Maps or Google Now. Learn more about Home and Work.

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