Sync, backup, export, and import My Tracks


You can sync My Tracks to Google Drive, so that every change you make in the app is visible in Google Drive and vice versa. 

  1. Open My Tracks.
  2. Touch  menu and then Settings.
  3. Select Sync with Google Drive.

My Tracks will automatically create a folder in Google Drive named “My Tracks” where you can see your tracks. If someone has shared tracks with you, these can be seen under the “Shared with me” folder.


After syncing your tracks to Google Drive, you can backup your content by making a copy in Google Drive.

  1. Open
  2. Open your “My Tracks” folder and select all of the tracks you wish to back up.
  3. Click More then Make a copy.


You can export your tracks to Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Fusion Tables, Google Spreadsheets, or external storage.

  1. Select a specific track.
  2. Touch Menu  and select Export.
  3. Select a destination.
  4. Touch Export to export your track. If prompted for permission, select Allow access.

When exporting to external storage, you can pick one of the following format:

  • KML - contains locations, markers, photos, and sensor data
  • GPX - contains locations and markers, but no sensor data (heart rate, cadence for biking, cadence for running, and power)
  • CSV - contains locations, markers, and sensor data
  • TCX - contains locations, no markers, and some sensor data

You can also all of your tracks to external storage at once:

  1. Go to the main menu list.
  2. Touch Menu  and select Export all.
  3. Choose the file format you'd like to export as (KML, GPX, CSV, or TCX)
  4. Touch OK.


To import tracks into My Tracks, they must be first stored in the external storage. For KML files, place them in the /MyTracks/kml folder and for GPX files, place them in the /MyTracks/gpx folder.

Once you’ve added your Track to external storage:

  1. Open My Tracks.
  2. Press Menu and select Import all.
  3. Select either KML or GPX.
  4. Tap the OK button.
A variety of file manager apps are available on the Play Store to help organize your external storage.