Google Maps Floor Plans Content Guidelines

Google Maps Floor Plans is a service where you can upload floor plans to Google. Using your uploads and other information, Google can use this content to map the internal layouts of buildings and help users navigate indoors. If we choose to use your content, we reserve the right to edit it, change it, correct it, or make our own works based off of it without any attribution to you or any other source. Please only upload if you are comfortable with Google making such use of your content.

When uploading, we ask that you follow the content guidelines below.

Note: we may, from time to time, change these guidelines, so please check back here for the most current ones.

Upload Requirements

When uploading, please respect the rights of others and act lawfully. Specifically, for every upload, you must:

  • Have all necessary rights, permissions and/or licenses to create and/or upload your content, including any applicable intellectual property rights, survey rights, and building entry rights;
  • Abide by all applicable laws, regulations, and rules, including any owner instructions, notices, or posted signage, restricting the uploading of floor plans and/or covering your activities within a building;
  • Respect the privacy of others with respect to content being uploaded; and
  • Refrain from activities that may harm or interfere with others’ use or enjoyment of a property.

Prohibited Content

  • Non-public buildings: We do not allow the upload of any floor plan of non-public buildings. This includes private residences or secured buildings that require clearance for entry.
  • National defense content: We do not allow the upload of any floor plans or other content associated with national defense or government security..
  • Secret content: We do not allow the upload of any floor plans that are a trade or government secret.
  • Images of people: We do not allow the upload of floor plans that show identifiable persons.
  • Trademarked content: You may identify spaces with their correct associated names, even if those names consist of trademarks, but we do not allow any labels on floor plans that falsely imply endorsement or sponsorship by the relevant trademark holder. We also do not allow the upload of floor plans that contain trademarked logos or similar decorative elements.
  • Copyrighted content: It is our policy to respond to clear notices of alleged copyright infringement.
  • Illegal content: We do not allow upload of content that violates any applicable law, regulation, or rule, including any owner instructions, notices, or posted signage.
  • Inappropriate content: Your floor plans should consist of factual information regarding the floor plan. We reserve the right to remove inappropriate non-factual content, including obscenities, pornography, defamatory statements, hate speech, and threats of violence. We also reserve the right to remove content that harms our system, including content we consider spam and/or that contain malware, viruses, or other harmful code.

Reporting Problems

If you are a building owner and would like to report a concern with a floor plan or non-public building, including a private residence, following these instructions. Anyone can report other prohibited content.

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