Upload a floor plan

Uploading floor plans


Help improve the availability of Indoor Maps by adding your floor plan of a public location. Follow the steps below to learn how to upload and outline a building floor plans.

Before you get started, please make sure to read the Google Maps Floor Plans Content Guidelines.

Note: This option is currently available in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the US. Also, you can only upload a floor plan from your computer.


Step 1: Upload a floor plan

  1. Make sure the floor plan of the public location is saved on your computer as a digital image file. Note that acceptable file formats are .GIF, .TIF, .JPG, .PNG, .BMP, .PDF.
  2. Open your web browser and go to maps.google.com/floorplans. Click Add a floorplan now.
  3. Enter the address of the building you want to add the floor plan to. Search for the address as you would in Google Maps.
  4. Drag the pin to the center of the building. By default the pin is located at the street address, which sometimes doesn't match the actual location of the building.
  5. On the next screen, enter more information about the floor plan you are about to upload. Enter the name of the building, the number of floors, and the floor number of the plan you're submitting.
  6. Select the image file you want to use and click Upload this floor.

Step 2: Align your floorplan with the aerial image of the building:

  1. Start by choosing notable features of your floor plan on the left half of your screen. Notable features may include corners or special shapes.

  2. Look for the features you just chose in the aerial view, and try to match them as best you can. Be sure to match each pin to the right feature and click OK. You can always go back and change the features you selected if this helps.

    You'll see your floor plan overlaid on the aerial view. If it does not look the way you want, you can nudge it by moving the pins. Click Accept once you're done.

  3. Before you submit the floor plan, take a last look to make sure it looks the way you intended.

After submitting your floor plan, it will be reviewed.  Once approved, your floor plan will become available to anyone using Google Maps for Mobile.


After uploading a floor plan, you can help improve the location accuracy for everyone visiting your floor using the Google Maps Floor Plan Marker app on your Android phone. Your new floor plan will appear on your list of floor plans in the Marker app within 24 hours after uploading. Use your phone to improve location accuracy for places you’ve uploaded by walking through the building and collecting relevant location information along the way.

Note that the Google Maps Floor Plan Marker app is currently only available in selected countries.

Removing information from your Google Account

While we don’t delete information submitted through the application, you can disassociate any floor plans or walking information from your Google Account. Once you’ve disconnected the information you submitted, Google may still have the floor plans you submitted and the walks you uploaded, but they can’t be tied to your Google Account or used to identify you. Here’s how to disconnect your account:

  1. Go to http://maps.google.com/floorplans/myfloors.
  2. Click Disconnect this information from my Google Account.
  3. After you’ve read the statement, select Disconnect this information from my Google Account, and you’re done. Note that by disconnecting your account, you won’t be able to see floor plans you have submitted and walks you have uploaded. Floor plans that have been uploaded but not yet submitted will also be deleted. You can’t undo this action.