My Maps

The My Maps feature for Google Maps for mobile allows you to access personalized, annotated, and customized maps that you've created in Google Maps from your computer.

While at home, create a custom map for your city or vacation destination with interesting places like restaurants and shops, and add lines and shapes for bike routes or other areas you'd like to visit. Then, you can view this personalized map from your phone while you're on the go to get quick driving directions or just see where you want to go next.

View 'My Maps'

To use the My Maps feature in Google Maps for mobile:

  1. From your computer, create a My Map in Google Maps while signed in to your Google Account.
  2. From your phone, touch the Layers icon to open the Layers menu.
  3. Select My Maps.
  4. Select the My Map you created from your computer.

Note: My Maps are currently view-only from Google Maps for mobile. To create or edit My Maps, you must use Google Maps from your computer.

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