Street view

View street-level imagery of certain locations with the Street View feature on your mobile device.  Street View isn’t available for all areas.

To access Street View:

  1. Touch and hold a location on a map to open an info window with the address and a Street View thumbnail.
  2. Touch the info window.
  3. On the page that opens, touch the Street View icon.

Navigate within Street View

To look around in your current view, drag the panorama with your finger.

To move around within Street View, click the white arrows on the bottom of the screen. You can also double-tap with one finger where along the road you wish to move to.

To zoom in, double-tap a point in Street View with one finger.

To zoom out, touch an area once with two fingers. Note that not all zoom levels are available for all locations.

Touch Compass ​mode in the Google Maps menu to use the phone itself to navigate Street View. Tilt, pan, or turn the phone to change the view. Touch Compass mode again to end it.
To exit Street View, touch Go to map in the Google Maps menu.