Google Maps for Android

Features in Google Maps Android Version 6.14.4 & below

My Location: See your location on a map, even if you don't have GPS.
Navigation (Beta)*: Google Maps Navigation is an Internet-connected GPS navigation system with voice guidance.
Browse local places: Search for any business or category of interest.
Rate and review places: Share your opinion about the places you visit with reviews and ratings.
Google Offers: In the US, Google Maps shows you offers near you, so you can get great deals on the go.
Driving, transit, biking and walking directions: Thanks to My Location, you don't even have to enter your starting point. Get routes and schedules to travel via subway, bus, bike, or on foot.

Offline maps: Take Maps with you, even when you're not connected.

Street View imagery, indoor maps, and 3D maps:  View street-level imagery of businesses and turns in directions. Know where you are and what's around you, indoors or out.

Layers: View layers of geographic information (for example, My Maps, Wikipedia, Transit).
Traffic: Real-time traffic information helps you find the fastest route.

*Note: Not all features listed here are available for all devices, languages, or countries.

To download the new Google Maps for mobile, you'll need a device running Android 4.0.3+. Devices running 4.0.2 and below can still use Google Maps for mobile 6.14.4. However, these devices typically don’t have many of the hardware capabilities and APIs needed for the new Google Maps.
Accessibility: Android provides accessibility support for blind and low vision users with the TalkBack, BrailleBack applications, and special accessibility features. Visit the Android Accessibility help center to learn more.