Getting directions

You can get driving, transit, walking, or biking directions using Google Maps for mobile browsers.

Get directions

  1. Touch the directions icon 
  2. Enter your start and end points. You can use the My Location feature to set your current location as your starting point.
  3. Touch Show Options to customize your directions and toggle between km or miles.
  4. Select your mode of transportation by selecting either the car, transit, walking, or biking icon.
  5. Touch to get step-by-step directions to your destination.
  6. Use the list view to see all the directions, or use the map view to see your route on a map.

To clear the map, touch the Menu icon menu > Clear Map.

To get directions from a place on the map:
  1. Search for a location.
  2. Touch a place pin on the map to see the name of the place, ratings, and number of reviews.
  3. Touch the directions icon  next to the place name.
  4. Modify your options as needed and touch .

Modify your options

  • Use the driving, transit, walking, and biking icons to change your transportation method.
  • Touch Show Options to customize your directions and to toggle between km or miles
  • To reverse your start and end points, touch the reverse arrow.