XE18.1 release notes

Google Now

World Cup

World cup Google Now card

You may have heard Soccer's World Cup is starting this week? It's only the most popular sporting event in the world. Glass is on the ball. Follow World Cup matches, division standings, and match stats right from Glass through Google Now cards to the left of your Home screen.

To get World Cup Google Now cards on Glass, just add your favorite team to your Google Now Settings or click YES when you see an option to get match updates for World Cup teams from Google Now on your phone.

Dude, where's my car?

You can now see the approximate location of your parked car through Glass and Google Now. Tap on the Parking location card on Glass and you can get directions to where you last parked. Learn more about Parking location in Google Now.


You'll now be able to see information about any packages you've ordered on Glass, including its delivery status.

MyGlass for Android app (v. 3.1)

Photo sharing

Take a picture on Glass while paired to your Android phone and you'll see the photo on your phone from the updated MyGlass Android app. Recent pictures taken within the past 24 hours are available from notifications in Android's status bar or under the Device section of MyGlass. Tap on a picture thumbnail to open it and then share it to your favorite social network.

Low battery notification

If your Glass battery is under 20%, the updated MyGlass Android app will notify you in your phone's status bar and in the "Device" section of the app.

Auto backup syncing updates

Prior to the update, Glass would only sync your pictures and videos to Auto Backup when it was plugged in and connected directly to a Wi-Fi network. Now, Glass will also sync when it's sharing a Wifi data connection through your Android's MyGlass app.

MyGlass iOS app update (v. 0.6)

Along with a few bug fixes, the MyGlass iOS app update also brings a few updates to the Glassware sections of the app. You'll be able to see more of your active Glassware all at one time.