The YouTube Glassware makes it easy to post videos you've taken with Glass directly to your personal YouTube channel.

After enabling the YouTube Glassware using the MyGlass site or app, simply tap on a video you've taken through Glass and then tap "Share".

In addition to your other contacts, you'll now see cards for sharing publicly or privately to the YouTube channels on your Google account.

After choosing how you want to upload the video to YouTube, you can tap again to add a caption that will be used as the video's title.

Glass will process your video, and then upload it to YouTube. Your YouTube upload will then show up as a card in your timeline.

From this card, you can:

  • Add a name for the video if you forgot to add one earlier
  • Change the existing name of the video
  • Delete it from your YouTube

Don't worry, though! If you do delete the upload, the original video will still be on your Glass, and you can always upload it again later.