XE17.1 release notes

MyGlass for Android

A visual refresh

The MyGlass for Android app gets a facelift and a version bump to 3.0.0.

The side drawer and display showing the new MyGlass for Android redesign

The most notable change is the side drawer that lets you switch between device information, Contacts, Glassware Gallery, Active Glassware, Screencast, Settings, Community, and Help & Feedback.

The Device screen is the place to go to pair with Glass and otherwise check your current connection status. Easily connect new Wi-Fi networks to your Glass using the button at the top right. Check your software version or check the map for your device's location from here too.

Factory resets, Bluetooth settings, switching accounts, and unlocking your device (if you've forgotten the screen lock code) are now found on the Settings screen.

Use the Android keyboard for Glass Wi-Fi setup

An example Glass screen directing you to MyGlass to enter your Wi-Fi password via keyboard

A good password has letters, numbers, multiple words, even symbols. Now you can enter those characters to enter Wi-Fi network passwords using Android's keyboard through the MyGlass app. For example, connect to a secured Wi-Fi network through Glass, and you'll be prompted to open up MyGlass on your paired Android device. Once you do, you can securely enter your password with a keyboard.

Send directions from Google Maps

The share button in Google Maps for Android

Google Maps on Android can now use MyGlass 3.0.0 to send map locations to Glass for directions. Find a place on Maps and then tap Share and Glass to load it up on your Glass.