XE16.2 release notes

Auto Backup Management

Back up all option from the Auto Backup settings card

When you're not sure when the last time Glass backed up your photos and videos, you can now manually force it to back up to your Google+ Auto Backup album using the new Auto Backup card in the Settings bundle. The card shows you your backup status and how many files are available to sync. Tap and select Back up all or swipe forward and select Back up photos. It works on all data connections, not just Wi-Fi.

When you're done and want to clear up some room on your device for your next adventure, tap the Auto Backup card and swipe all the way forward to Clear them from Glass. This will clean up Glass storage, but you can always manage your backed up media from Google+.

Just a reminder that you don't have to manually sync your media. Glass will automatically back up your photos and videos whenever it is connected to Wi-Fi and plugged in to your charger.

Improved phone call management

Glass does a better job of knowing when to ring when you get a phone call. For example, if you deactivate Glass by pressing the power button briefly or if you put Glass down and have on-head detection enabled, phone calls will no longer route to your Glass. Hopefully, you won't have to think about which device to use when you make or answer a call. If you answer or make a call with your phone, the phone's audio is active. If you answer or make a call with Glass, Glass audio is active.