XE16.1 release notes

Calendar Glassware

Calendar card on Glass

Google Calendar is now available in the Glassware Gallery. Calendar events in your timeline were previously available by Google Now. Now you can enable them straight from the source, Google Calendar, which allows for some extra features. Tap a Google Calendar card from your timeline and you can change the title, time, location, RSVP as well as delete the event or dismiss it from your timeline. To turn it on, visit the Glassware Gallery from MyGlass.

Receive SMS notifications on your iPhone

Now you can receive SMS notifications through your iPhone's Bluetooth connection. To receive SMS messages through Glass, visit your iPhone's Bluetooth settings, tap the information icon next to your paired Glass (a blue "i") and switch Show notifications to the on position.


MyGlass for iOS

Sign out and Set up from the new Settings menu

Signing out and Setup has moved to the new Settings menu from the navigation drawer on the left hand side. You'll also see some helpful links to valuable information like the Help Center, terms of service, and invite a friend.

Remote screencast

Control Glass directly while screencasting from the MyGlass app. Swipes and taps on your iPhone work just as they would on your Glass touchpad.

Is this thing on?

When screencasting to MyGlass, it now shows a message when your Glass display is off rather than a plain black screen.