Screen lock

Prevent others from using your Glass by enabling screen lock from the Settings bundle. Screen lock protects your device by requiring a pattern of taps and swipes when Glass is turned on.

Glass will lock whenever you turn Glass off or when you put Glass down (if On-Head Detection is enabled). The next time Glass is activated, use the touchpad and personalized gestures to unlock the device.

To turn on screen lock:

  1. Tap the Settings bundle, found on the far left of your timeline.
  2. Swipe forward and tap the Screen lock card.
  3. Tap or swipe 4 gestures to enter your pattern.

Available gestures

  • Swipe forward
  • Two-finger swipe forward
  • Swipe back
  • Two-finger swipe back
  • Hook swipe - Swipe forward then back in the same motion. Back and then forward works too.
  • Two-finger swipe.
  • Tap
  • Two-finger tap

You can use any combination of swipe, hook swipe, or tap with one or two fingers. When creating a new pattern, you'll be asked to enter your pattern once more to confirm.

Change pattern or turn off screen lock

To turn screen lock off or change your pattern:

  1. Visit the Settings bundle to the far left of your timeline on Glass.
  2. Tap the Screen lock bundle.
  3. Tap Change pattern or swipe forward to Turn off.

You'll be asked to confirm your pattern before your new settings are saved.

Recovering a screen lock pattern

If you get locked out after entering the incorrect code multiple times, you'll be presented with an option to scan a QR code to unlock Glass.

      Visit the MyGlass site and click the Device info card. Please be sure that you're signed in to the Google Account that was used to set up Glass. On the Device info card click Unlock device. When you see the resulting QR code, scan it using Glass to unlock the device and turn the screen lock feature off. Reactivate it again by revisiting the Screen lock card from the Settings bundle.