Play Music

Google Play Music playing Nightengale Floors album by Rogue Wave

Rock the music in your Google Play Music library by turning on the Google Play Music Glassware.

Google Play Music

All you need to do is sign up for Google Play Music and upload songs to your library (or sign up for All Access to listen to Google's music library). Visit Google Play to get started.

Turn on Google Play Music Glassware

Go to the MyGlass app on your Android or iOS phone or visit the MyGlass website. Find the Google Play Music card on the Glassware tab. Select the card and toggle it on (or off).

Make sure Glass is connected to a Wi-Fi network or to your phone via Bluetooth. Otherwise, you won't be able to listen to your Google Play Music library.

Search for music

There are a couple ways to listen to music on Glass.

  • Say "ok glass, listen to..." from the Home screen. If you've enabled additional music Glassware, the voice command will be "ok glass, listen with..."
  • Tap the Home screen to see the action menu. Swipe forward and select Listen.

Tell Glass the artist, playlist, song, or album you'd like to listen to and Glass will search your collection. Glass will automatically play the top search result unless you swipe down to browse the others. When you find what you want to hear, tap the card and select Play or Instant Mix (or Play Radio for All Access subscribers) to listen to related songs.

Glass will keep a record of your search in your timeline. If you feel like listening to a song again, swipe forward from the Home screen to find your search in your timeline.

Controlling the music player

Google Play Music Play action menu option

Music currently playing will appear in your timeline to the left of the Home screen. Tap the card and select any of the following actions:

  • Pause (or Play) - Starts and stops music playback
  • Next - Browses to the next track in the playlist, radio station, or album
  • Previous - Plays a track again or goes back in your playlist, radio station, or album
  • Instant Mix or Radio (All Access) - Creates a radio station based on songs similar to the track playing
  • Stop - Turns off music playback entirely
  • Volume - Sets the system volume or earbud volume to the desired loudness