If you make a lot of calls, want to listen to music or just need especially clear sound, try the earbud accessory. They're specially designed for style, comfort and ambient sound.

A mono earbud is included with Glass. Mono earbuds and stereo earbuds can also be bought by visiting the Play store.

Here's how to put it on.

Plug the earbud in to the micro USB port

Plug the earbud in to the the micro USB port (the same port used to charge Glass). If you're putting on stereo earbuds, wrap the cord of the left earbud around the back of your neck. Push the cord into the earbud to create a loop that you can adjust so it presses into the curve of the ear for a secure fit.

Slide the cord to adjust fit

Slide the cord to adjust loop size for a better fit.

Feeling like switching it up a bit? Change the colour of your earbud by replacing the cap.

Twist cap on or off earbud

Earbuds bought from the Glass website come with interchangeable coloured caps. Replace caps by twisting them on to the outside of the earbud. Lefty loosey, righty tighty.

A mono earbud with a cotton cap is included with all Glass received after 28/10. Stereo earbuds and extra mono earbuds – each including the full collection of caps (charcoal, tangerine, shale, cotton and sky) – can be purchased through the Play store.


If you don't see an accessory in the store, don't panic. Check back again in a few days. Accessories appear automatically whenever they are in stock.