Using your iOS device's data connection

Glass works best when it is connected to the internet. When out of range of Wi-Fi, you can let Glass share your iOS device's data connection by setting up a Personal Hotspot.

First pair Glass to your device using Bluetooth. Then turn on a Personal Hotspot through iOS settings. Glass will then share your iOS device's data connection.

Enabling directions

To get turn-by-turn directions while out and about, you'll need a Personal Hotspot and the MyGlass app for iOS.


Sending SMS messages is not currently available on the MyGlass app for iOS. However, it lets you receive SMS messages. To receive SMS messages through Glass, visit your iPhone's Bluetooth settings and tap the information icon next to your paired device (the tiny blue "i"). Switch the Show Notifications option to the on position.

For back and forth correspondence, you can also use the Gmail and Hangouts Glassware.

Connecting to a personal hotspot via Wi-Fi

Connecting to your personal hotspot via Wi-Fi is not currently supported. For best results, share your iOS device's data connection over your Bluetooth connection.

Data charges

Depending on your data plan, charges to your account can be incurred and some carriers charge an additional service fee. We highly recommend contacting your service provider for more information on data charges.