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XE9 release notes

Released 9/9/13


Share what you can do with Glass. Vignettes superimpose a screenshot of your Glass display over your picture, so people can see what you see on Glass and in the world. Take a picture using Glass' camera button and tap to Make vignette. Whatever is on the display when you take the picture will appear in the vignette. Learn more

Sample vignette

Play videos through search

Use Google Search to find and play videos. Learn how to make guacamole while scooping out avocados (search "how to make guacamole video"). Learn to tie a bowtie while fumbling with it in the mirror (search "how to tie a bow tie video").

Make guacamole video

Sound Search

Found your new jam, but just don't know the name of the artist? Long press the touchpad for a Google search and swipe forward to start a sound search. Glass will listen for a moment and identify the name and artist. Alternatively, you can start a sound search by voice command. Say "ok glass, google what song is this?" from the Home menu.

Listening for music

New Google Now cards

Some more new additions to the Google Now cards that appear to the left of the Home screen on your timeline. These cards are added automatically. Go to your Google Search settings (iOS instructions) to adjust your Google Now preferences.

Transit cards

Ditch the car and spare your feet. Now you can get your nearby mass transit directions directly on Glass.

Transit directions

Reminder cards

Set a reminder through Google search on your mobile phone or tablet and get reminded on your Glass timeline.


Nearby attractions

Glass will notify you of nearby attractions, say the Golden Gate Bridge or the Statue of Liberty, if you happen to stumble into their neighborhood.

Attractions bundle Attractions Eiffel Tower

Nearby photo spots

Just so you don't miss any photo opportunities, Glass will update your timeline if you're you're away from home and near a scenic vista or other notable photo spot.

The Shoreline amphitheater photspot

News results in search

Get the latest news through a Glass search. Do a Google search from Glass on a newsworthy topic, and you'll see a dedicated news card on the subject.

News results search

Set up a Google Apps account

Those with Google Apps can now turn on the Glass service through their Admin console and set up their Glass on their Google Apps account. Most Google Apps are supported and we'll continue testing and adding services as we go. To test with us, switch your account by factory resetting your Glass through the Device info card in Settings, then set up Glass through the MyGlass website or Android app while signed in to your Google apps account.

Glass searches in search history

Searches performed on Glass are now updated in your Google search history. If you'd rather keep a search anonymous, deleting it from the timeline will also delete it from your search history. Alternatively, you can turn it off entirely from the search history website.

MyGlass app 1.7 for Android

Remote control

If you have the MyGlass app on Android, you may have noticed you can screencast your Glass display to your phone from the MyGlass menu. Now, while you screencast, you can control Glass through your phone. Try it out by swiping your phone screen to browse your timeline.

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