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volume settings

Hear that? Sound from Glass comes from the Bone Conduction Transducer (BCT), a.k.a. the speaker, found on the inside of the device just before the battery. It's the oval piece with the Glass logo printed on it that rests just behind your ear.

Sound volume can be set on the Volume card under the Settings bundle. You can also set volume when in a voice or phone call by tapping and scrolling to the volume card action.

If you need even more clarity, get the earbud accessory available from the Glass store (or included with Glass received after 10/28).

Here are a few tips to help improve Glass' sound quality:

  • Press the BCT against your head so that it is flush against your skull. This improves the conduction of sound through your bones and to your inner ear.
  • Cup your right ear to reduce ambient sounds that might interfere with Glass' sound quality.
  • Sometimes you may feel a tickling vibration from the BCT. That's normal, but if it's bugging you, turn down the volume.
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