Google Glass Explorer Edition is no longer available. Click here to learn more about Google Glass Enterprise Edition.

Managing accounts

To switch accounts from the one used during the setup process, you'll need to factory reset your device from the Device info card in settings. Once reset, you can link a new account by returning to the setup process via your Android phone and MyGlass app or through any computer and the MyGlass site. Before you do anything, make sure your pictures and videos have synced to your Google+ account and/or back up your files manually by computer.

Backup your pictures and videos

To ensure you don't lose any pictures or videos, backup your files from Glass to your computer or Google+ account before you factory reset your device.

Sync via Google+ Auto Backup

To sync, use your included USB cable to plug Glass in to your computer or wall charger (not included). Ensure that it is powered on, off your head, and connected to a Wifi network and Glass will update automatically.

Backup via computer

To backup files on the computer, connect Glass to your computer using the USB cord included with your Glass charger. You should be able to mount Glass as a media device. Drag and drop the pictures and videos to your hard drive. Now head to Setup on the MyGlass Android app or website.

All other settings and cards in your timeline are synced to the Glass server, and are available anytime you sign in to your account.

Changing your password

Glass links to your Google Account at setup. To change your password or manage your account preferences, visit your Google Account settings.

If you change your password, you'll need to sign in again on Glass:

  1. If you swipe left of the Home screen, you'll see a card that says “Google password incorrect. Tap to update your information." (This may take a few minutes to appear in your timeline.)
  2. Tap the card, and swipe to choose how you'd like to sign in: through your Android phone, iPhone, or computer.
  3. Sign in with your new password. Once you've done that, the "Google password incorrect" message will go away.

If you've enabled screen lock and forgot your gestures, you can disable screen lock by following these instructions.

Google Apps accounts

To use your Google Apps account on Glass, you'll need to activate the Google+ and Glass through the Google Apps control panel. You'll need an admin account in order to enable these services. Otherwise, please ask your Google Apps admin for help.

Enable Google+

Follow the instructions in this Google Apps Help Center article.

Enable Glass

  1. In the Google Apps control panel, go to Google Apps > Mobile > Device management settings.
  2. Under Glass Sync click Allow Google Glass to be used with these accounts.

Note that these changes may take up to a day to take effect.

Disabling Glass Sync

If you uncheck Glass Sync, a factory reset will be performed to all of the accounts under this domain. Those accounts will not be able to setup Glass from MyGlass website.

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