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XE8 release notes

August 12, 2013

Video player

New controls over video playback ensure you never miss a moment. Tap a video to play it. Tap again to pause. If you missed something important, swipe backward to rewind, or swipe forward to skip the boring parts.

Just one of the many video player controls

Post an update or take a note

We've hooked up with Path and Evernote to offer two new voice actions from the Home screen. You can now update your Path feed by saying "ok glass, post an update." Similarly, sending a note to Evernote is as easy as saying "ok glass, take a note." To see the new voice actions in your voice action menu, you'll need Path and Evernote Glassware turned on from the MyGlass Android app or website. This is just the beginning. More Glassware will support these and new voice actions over time.

Volume card in Settings

Want to set or mute the volume yourself? We heard you loud and clear. Set Glass' volume from a new dedicated card in Glass' Settings bundle. Or adjust it while in a phone or video call by tapping and setting it through card actions.

volume settings
We'll let you add the Spinal Tap reference yourself

Check your timeline while in a video call

Let's say you're in a video call but have to check something on your timeline. Swipe down to access your timeline and put the video call in the background, then continue to use other Glass features.

While browsing your timeline during an active video call, your camera will be muted and others won't be able to see your point of view. To re-enter the video call and unmute your camera, tap on the active video call card to the left of your Home screen. When you're done with the call, leave from video call card actions just as you would before.

New contextual voice commands for Navigation

Control route guidance sans hands. We've added the following new voice commands:

  • Show route overview
  • Hide route overview
  • Stop directions

Voice options for navigation. Note that you have to show route overview before you can hide it

Add a caption by voice after taking a picture or video

Now you'll never have to post a photo or video without a description or cute witty comment. Share a picture or video and, when prompted on the display with the magic words "ok glass," say "ok glass, add caption."

#Hashtags in captions

Tag your shared pictures and videos with trending topics by adding a hashtag to them. When adding a caption, say hashtag and then the topic at hand. For instance, adding a caption like "hashtag cute" becomes "#cute." It's worthwhile noting that all captions through Glass are also tagged with "#throughglass" automatically.

Hashtags in a timeline
Trying to make #necktietuesday happen

More fluid voice commands

Don't wait for a cue to give a voice command. Try speaking naturally and chain your commands together in one fluid sentence. For example, try "ok glass, send a message to Kevin."

Improved SMS support

If you have paired Glass to an Android phone with MyGlass installed, outgoing SMSs sent through the native Messaging app are now included in your timeline.

Google Now cards

We're continually adding cards to the left of your timeline. This time, we've added:

Reservations and events

Glass can remind you of hotel and restaurant reservations by the confirmations sent to your Gmail account. If you bought tickets to an event, like a concert, you'll also be reminded of it nearer to showtime. Ensure these cards appear by enabling the Gmail card in your Google Now settings.

Restaurant reservation Google Now card
Mmm, sushi.


Nearby movies and showtimes appear when you're around a movie theater.

Sample movies in a Google Now card
Tap into the bundle to view showtimes

Public alerts

Get notified of nearby emergencies. Google public alerts now appear in your timeline based on your proximity to the emergency. Let's hope you never have to use this one.

Wish a happy birthday via message

When calling to wish someone a happy birthday is too much, we've added the ability to send them a message instead. Tap on a birthday reminder card and swipe forward to "send a message."

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