Updating Glass software

Glass is updating

Glass updates by itself over the air. Glass will check in periodically for updates on our servers. When an update is available, it will download it to your device. The next time you charge Glass within range of Wifi, Glass will install the update all by itself.

Find out which version of Glass is running from the Device info card.

Optimizing for an update

If you know the latest update is out, there are a few things you can do to try to speed along the update process.

If the On-Head Detection feature is on, Glass will not update if you are wearing the device. Make sure to take it off after performing the following steps.

  1. Power Glass on.
  2. Ensure Glass is connected to Wifi.
  3. Plug Glass in to its USB cable and your computer or wall charger (not included).
  4. Wait until Glass is charged to 50%.

If these conditions are met, Glass will automatically update itself. If it doesn't, head over to the Device Info card in Settings. If an update is downloaded and available to be installed, you'll be notified with update available. Tap on the card and select Update.