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Capturing video clips with Glass works similarly to taking a picture:

  • Press and hold the camera button above your right eye for one second.
  • From the Home screen, say "ok glass, record a video."

While recording, you'll see what is being recorded by Glass in your display as well as a time counter for your video recording.

Extend a recording

Glass defaults to recording video clips of ten seconds. To continue recording past the default limit, do either of the following while the video is in progress:

  • Press the camera button.
  • Tap the touchpad and then Extend video.

You'll know it works when the progress bar along the bottom of the display disappears. The video will then continue until it's stopped or you run out of storage or battery.

Stop a recording

To stop recording your video, tap the touchpad and swipe through the card actions to select Stop recording. If you extended your recording, the camera button can then be used to stop the recording.

View your recording

To view the video in your timeline, swipe forward on the touchpad from the Home screen. Glass will make a collage out of pictures, videos, and vignettes taken during a day and bundle them together. Tap into the bundle to browse and then on a video to play the video. Alternatively, swipe forward to delete the video from your timeline. You can also transfer your videos to a computer using a USB cable.

Living with Glass

Glass is designed for micro-interactions, not for staring into the screen, watching Friday night movie marathons or reading "War and Peace."

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