Quick start guide

Cards and bundles

The timeline shows your activity history, content and other notifications. It helps to imagine that your timeline is a row of cards that wraps around your head.


Swipe forward on the touchpad and the cards to the right will cycle through your display. This is a history of the notifications and actions, like pictures or messages, you've seen on Glass.

Tap the touchpad to see actions, such as share or delete, related to that card. If a card has a folded corner (see right), tap to view and slide through a bundle of related cards.

Swipe backward on the touchpad and you'll move to the left of your timeline. Cards to the left of the Home screen contain timely and location-specific information like the weather Glass thinks you might be interested in.

You'll also find the Settings card all the way to the left of your timeline. Tap settings and you'll be able to customize and calibrate your device. For instance, try calibrating the Head Wake Up feature. This feature will automatically turn Glass on when you lift your head. After tapping the Settings card, swipe forward until you see the Head Wake Up card. Tap the card and swipe forward to select Set wake angle. Lift your head to the desired angle and tap to set. Now you can wake up Glass with a simple nod.

There you go! You should be armed with all the basic knowledge needed to start using Glass. Now get out there and explore.